Frequently Asked Questions

It simply means that cable TV will bring digital signal to your doorstep. With this technology subscribers will get superior picture and sound quality, a large bouquet of channels, choice of channel, games and movies on demand.

The state of art digital technology will make available enhanced picture and sound quality, large no. of channels and value added services like movies on demand, broadband, games, pay per view, HD etc. The digital cable TV service will be available through a Set Top Box.

No. Digital Cable TV is not affected by rainy weather unlike the DTH service.

“Set top box”(STB) is a device, which is connected to a television set at the subscribers’ premises and which allows a subscriber to view encrypted channels of his choice on payment. The basic function of the Set Top Box is to decrypt/decode the signals of those channels which the subscriber has been authorized by the multi system operator to receive and to convert the digital signals into analogue mode for viewing on television sets.

Multi-System Operator ( MSO )” means a cable operator who receives a programming service from a broadcaster and/or his authorized agencies and re-transmits the same or transmits his own programming service for simultaneous reception either by multiple subscribers directly or through one or more local cable operators (LCOs), and includes his authorized distribution agencies by whatever name call